1. Add and verify your website(s)

To begin serving ads and start earning, you need to add your website(s) to our system and choose the Spots – AD format(s) you want to display on your website.

1. Click on the Sites in the header menu and choose the “Add site” button, then enter your website domain and click “Add site”.
You can add multiple number of Sites at once. Please enter each URL on the separate line.

2. After a Site has been added you will see it in the table with the Error Status and button “Press to verify”

3. Click on the “Press to verify” and verify the website by following the instruction – there are several methods available
For detailed instructions on the verification process please check out our separate page.

4. For those who doesn’t have access to the site and requires manual verification, please send to the support email or chat the request with your Account ID, the site you need to be verified, and the reason why do you require force verification.

5. When the process is done, the status of your site will change to green “Verified”

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