2. Add Spot(s)

After you have added website(s) to your account you have to create the Spots – AD format(s) you want to display on your website.

1.Click on the Spots in the header menu and choose the “Add spot” button.

You are able to select one of the following types of Spots in Adlane:
1) In-page push
2) Native Web push
3) Video
4) Popunder
5) Display

2. Then you have to give the name to the Spot you are creating.

3. Then you should select for which Site(s) you wish to create a Spot.
You may select multiple websites at once. In such case, a multiple numbers of Spots will be created at once. Each next Spot will have name like “Spot-name-1” , “Spot-name-2”, etc…

4. After that goes detailed settings that are different for each kind of Spot. You can find detailed instructions for each Spot here.

5. After you press “Create” button the Spot(s) with specifics parameters will be created.
You may integrate them on your Site(s) immediately, one by one. Or another option: all created Spots are always available on the Spots page by pressing the button “Get code”.

6. By pressing “Edit” button in Actions you may always change a name of each Spot and edit it’s parameteres.

NEXT STEP – Get codes