Spot Popunder – what is it?

Popunder spot is the on-click ads in other words.

It’s a popular, top-performing full-tab ads. Monetize every visitor on desktop & mobile.

1. Which Pop type should you choose?

  • Popunder – Ad link will be shown in a separate window behind the current browser window;
  • Popup – Ad link will be shown in a separate window above the current browser window.
  • Tabunder – Ad link will be shown in the current tab, and a new tab with current url will be open and get focus.
  • Tabup – Ad link will be shown in a new tab, which will get focus.

2. What does it mean “triggers by clicking on” ?

In other words it is the setting of ‘aggressiveness’.
You may choose between two options:

  • Any place on the page – On-click Ads will be set on the 100% aggressiveness.
  • Links only – more soft variant. On-click Ads will be triggered only when a Visitor clicks on links on your Site.

To add Popunder Spot

Go to the Spots page, press the button “Add Spot“.
On the new page select the Popunder Spot type and configure it as you need.