Spot Display – what is it?

Display spot is a banner and native advertisment in other words.

In our platform, you have the ability to create a banner-spot for your website and get revenue with ads that are being shown there.

1. Which banner size should you choose?
Most popular banner sizes ( 89% of all ad impressions) for the present moment are:

  • 300×250 Medium Rectangle 40%
  • 728×90 Leaderboard 25%
  • 320×50 – Mobile Leaderboard 12%
  • 160×600 Wide Skyscraper; 12%

2. Which Ad model should you choose?

Firtst of all let’s clarify what is it. The Ad Fill Rate is the ratio between the number of ads delivered to the number of ads requested by the ad server. Dividing the number of ads served by the number of ad requests and multiplying it by 100 will give you the ad fill rate in percentage.

100% Fill Rate – Is it Good or Bad?

A good fill rate percentage conveys the site is monetizing its inventory well and has the right demand partners. That being said, it is important to ensure your eCPM isn’t falling to get your fill rates up. Some publishers compromise eCPM to fill their ad placements all the time.

In fact Adlane has a feature called ‘Guaranteed fill’ to set your fill rate. If you select it, Adlane algorithm will try its best to fill 100% of your impressions.

In the same time when you select Guaranteed CPM, it has the leverage of accepting only the highest paying ads as you don’t need 100% fill. So, there’s no way you could say 100% fill rate yields the best revenue unless you consider other factors including eCPM, ad quality, and page load time.

To add Display Spot

Go to the Spots page, press the button “Add Spot“.
On the new page select the Display Spot type and configure it as you need.