Spot Native web push – what is it?

Native Web push is a classical browser push notifications which are sent to the subscribers of your site (people who agreed to receive push notification from your Site)

Important notices:
1. Native Web push Spot requires a valid SSL certificate and https connection on your Site.
2. Native Web Push is NOT supported in Apple’s Safari browser
3. Only one Native Web Push Spot can be created for the single Site. To modify it later – edit the created Spot

How does Native push request look for your visitors:

How does Native push notification look for your visitors:


  1. Integration type
    You are able to select whether a system native push request will be shown to your visitors (you may see examples above) or you have the ability to create customer stylized Pre-push request which appears before the native one.
    Such custom layout requests look more beautiful, are in-line with your website styles, and definitely attract more attention of your visitors.

2. Background darkening & darkening-text
You are able to dark the background behind the push request & additionally add text which will appear on the darkening background

3. Content locker
It is a special tool “locking” your content for a user until a visitor completes the target action (i.e, subscribe to notifications).

To add Native Web push Spot

Go the Spots page, press the button “Add Spot“.
On the new page select the Native Web Push Spot type and configure it as you need.

Important: When installing this type of spot, follow the instructions carefully. Integration consists of two stages, unlike other types.
1. You need to download and upload the Service Worker file (allows the browser to send push notifications) to the root directory of your site.
2. You need to set the script of the Spot itself in the site code (allows you to collect subscriptions)