Spot In-page push – what is it?

While the Google with each Google Chrome update makes the policy for browser web pushes more strict and aggressive, we decided to provide a new monetization method: In-page Push.

Why should you definitely try it?

  1. Doesn’t require a subscription
    Unlike with traditional push, users don’t need to subscribe to see In-Page Push ads. In fact, an In-Page Push is a banner that looks like a push ad.

  2. Works on all platforms including iOS
    Secondly, with In-Page Push, you can monetize traffic from any GEO, device or platform, including iOS and Mac OS. Traditional push ads don’t work with Safari due to native restrictions of the browser. With In-Page Push, you are able to do it.

  3. Visually catching
    In-Page Push ads are displayed exactly when the user is browsing the site, which means that they will 100% see it. As a result, you get more impressions → more clicks → more money.

  4. Customizable:
  • – When the ad should be displayed: Immediately / With delay/ After user scrolled a certain number of pixels on the page on your site / After user scrolled a certain number of percents on the page of your site
  • The frequency of the display: number of times to be shown per a certain number of hours.
  • Min CPM : minimum revenue each time a CPM ad is served to your page and viewed by a user.

How does it look on different platforms:

Mac Os

To add In-page Push Spot

Go the Spots page, press the button “Add Spot“.
On the new page select the In-page Push Spot type and configure it as you need.