There is more than 50$ on my balance but I can’t request a withdraw

We pay on a weekly basis. Payment terms NET 2.

You are able to request a payout after Amount available for withdraw (renews in the first 2 days of the current week for the previous week) is more than $ 50.
You may have more than $50 on your account Balance but not available for withdraw. That means that this amount will be unlocked in the beginning of the next week.

*Week – we count calendar segments from Monday till Sunday.


number 1 – Total amount of money on your Account in our system
number 2 – Amount available for the withdraw (renews every Monday)

Amount $166.26 under #1 will become available for the withdrawal from the next week.
Amount $26.12 under #2 is available for the withdrawal for the previous week. When #2 is more than $50 – payout is available.