Premium Ad-inventory – what does it mean and how to activate it?

In Adlane we allow you to activate a premium ad invetory for sites that meet certain requirements. You can view your current status on the Sites page in the “Premium Ad-inventory” column

At the moment, in order for the site to be approved, the following conditions are required:

  1. Monthly website traffic from 500,000 Sessions / Pageview Events (we focus on data from SimilarWeb, Google Analytics and Piwik)
  2. Legal content (sites with pirated content, sites 18+, etc. do not fit this category)

What does Premium Ad-inventory?

By premium advertising, we mean classic Display with CPM payments. As for creatives, you usually have branded and quality ads. The profitability of such banners is higher than that of conventional teaser advertising, which is available initially to everyone.

Also, for sites for which Premium Ad-inventory is approved, we unlock the opportunity to create Video spots. Now you can integrate video ads into your player and monetize even more traffic.

How do I activate premium ads?

Adlane’s managers manually review sites on a daily basis and select suitable ones based on your statistics. If the premium inventory is approved, you will receive a notification by email. The status will also change to yellow Activate.
Click on the button and follow the instructions in the pop-up window: you will need to download the ads.txt file and upload it to the root directory of your site, and then the premium issue will become active and the status will change to a green checkmark.

From time to time, you may need to update this ads.txt file. In this case, the status will change back to yellow Activate. You need to download the file again and replace the old one with the new one.

If you think that your site meets the requirements, but for some reason has not yet been reviewed, contact our support team, indicating your account ID and domain.